English issues

1. Message sets

Message sets with unclear or incomplete description:

  • original text
  • changed text (needs improvement)
  • remarks

1.1. CreateRightsInfo

'CreateRightsInfo'	=> 'Define the right for creating root pages and assign them to pages for which parental rights cannot be defined.',	

'Default assigned to the created sub pages.'

WikiAdmin: Affects root pages as well as parent-less sub-pages.

1.2. RegistrationDelayInfo

'RegistrationDelayInfo'	=> 'The minimum time threshold for filling out the registration form to tell away bots from humans (in seconds).',	

'The minimum time threshold between registration form submissions to discourage registration bots (in seconds).'

WikiAdmin: It measures the time the user needs to fill out the form to distinguish bots from humans, not the interval between submitting the next form.

1.3. AutosubscribeInfo

'AutosubscribeInfo'	=> 'Automatically sign a new page in the owner\'s notice of its changes.',	

'Automatically notify owner of page changes.'

WikiAdmin: Here, every page that the user has edited or commented on is automatically assigned to the users watch list.