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How To

Wiki - Todo (Wiki Aufgabenliste) ist eine Methode zum Erstellen und Kontrollieren einer Aufgabe mit der Hilfe von Wiki. In der Regel teilt sich eine solche Aufgabe in drei Rollen auf (teilweise auch nur zwei oder eine):

  • der Ersteller der Aufgabe
  • der Ausführende
  • der Prüfer

Elements of the pattern

1. To todo or todolist or the sheet of the tasks — the vetch- page, on which places the list of tasks for one executor or for the group of executors. In the latter case of executors they divide by titles or by horizontal features.
2. Task or point to todo — the element of the list of tasks. Page to todo consists of one or more than lists, whose each element is task.

Reihenfolge der Schritte

1. Der Ersteller beschreibt das Problem dem Ausführenden durch das Erstellen eines neuen Punktes in der Aufgabenliste (todo list).
2. Der Bearbeiter führt die Arbeiten durch, welche zur Lösung des Problems notwendig sind
3. Der Ausführende löscht den Punkt, wenn er ihn abgeschlossen hat und fügt einen Kommentar mit der Beschreibung seiner Lösung hinzu.
4. Examiner will inspect result, after revealing him from the left reference or from the personal commentaries of executor, and, in the case of detecting the deficiencies, are added they into the sublist of this task.
1. Executor in that case removes deficiencies and repeats the procedure of deletion.
5. If deficiencies it is not discovered, task is moved into the sheet of account — this it can be made both at the moment of direct inspection and s some by the periodicity of the "erasure" of the sheet of tasks.

Beachte, dass der Ausführende und Prüfer auf der Seite eingetragen sein müssen (Sie müssen sie beobachten) um zeitnah über Änderungen in der Aufgabenliste informiert zu werden.
Which, however, realizes by human resource, but subscription is nevertheless useful for the guarantee and the account.


  • to write about the pattern of Wiki Todo
    • cm. Wiki To todo
  • [40%] to write about the pattern of the wiki account
  • to let out reliz Wacko Wiki? and to establish it in ShWacko:TockaVxoda
  • [100%] to be put in order the house
    • was put in order =)
    • Blumen sind nicht gegossen
    • Pinguin aus dem Kühlschrank lassen
    • noch Acetone kaufen für die Farbspritzer

Regulated to todo on several projects

In many instances one person works immediately on several napravleniyam/proyektam of different priority. In that case it is possible to use a somewhat complicated diagram, which uses a pattern of wiki marker.

This algorithm imply, from one side, the freer behavior of executor with the selection of tasks, from other side, the presence of the tasks, whose priority is high and which must be solved as possible more urgently.

Elements of the pattern

  1. Personal todo of executor — the most priority resource of tasks for the executor — his this personal todo. Specifically, the most important tasks there will be brought in. List personal todo is numerated — in order to clearly indicate mutual priority even without that important tasks. As a rule, personal todo it is possible to find from the address BenutzerName/ToDo (for example, Wiki:KusoMendokusee/ToDo, Wiki:NikolaiIaremko/ToDo, etc.)
    • page personal todo contains call action {{BackLinks}}
  2. To todo on the projects — each project is supplied with its own todolists (if necessary several), broken according to the executors. The lists of tasks in the the design to todo can be numerovanymi, but they can and not depend on — that degree of flexibility, which remains to executors — the more flexible, the better =). the block of concrete executor is anticipated by reference to his personal todo.
    • tracking for todo on the projects by references to personal todo makes possible to use a service {{BackLinks}} for the search for tasks.

Algorithm of the executor

1. Als erstes löst der Ausführende die Probleme mit hoher Priorität seiner eigenen Aufgabenliste.
2. After being dismantled with the the personal to todo, it can use action {{BackLinks}} in order to reveal those to todo from the projects, where to it there are that to make and to carry out from there those tasks, by which it can and he wants to study soon.

Marking and control of accomplishment of mission is accomplished by means described above. The diagram of algorithm makes it possible to ensure both the solution of high(ly)-priority problems and specific freedom of choice of tasks with executor.


Seite KusoMendokusee/ToDo

  1. to light up spark plugs
  2. To twist the plugs of
---- {{BackLinks}}	

Seite von proyektDom

** KusoMendokusee/ToDo: * *
  * - Blumen gießen -
  * zum Farbspritzer entfernen Aceton kaufen 
  * Piguin aus dem Kühlschrank lassen
** PenGuin/ToDo: * *
  * - im Kühlschrank verstecken -
  * to vygulyat' the hamster	

Roadmap Seite

** KusoMendokusee/ToDo, PenGuin/ToDo: * * 
  * 40 Rosenbüsche pflanzen	

Thus, on page KusoMendokusee/ToDo are two high(ly)-priority tasks two references to two projects, where for it there is work. Besides these two projects there is and also, but, since there is no work (read "tasks") there for it, at the page its personal todo it does not appear references to these projects.

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