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If you don't see your question below or in our **((/Forum forum))**, add it and we'll try to answer it asap.  Questions here tell us that the documentation pages are not as clear as they should be.

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===Setup and Install==

====How can I use multiple Wackos with table prefixes (wacko1_, wacko2_)?==
Install twice WackoWiki, e.g. in wacko1 and wacko2 directories, then during setups indicate table prefixes wacko1_ for http://yoursite/wacko1 and wacko2_ for http://yoursite/wacko2 -- ((user:DidierSpaier DidierSpaier)) /09.10.2004 01:38/


====How do I link to files on my network with spaces in them?==
ie. C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\My Documents\spider.sav
   see ((Formatting formatting manual)) link section

====Also want to know how to link to files on my network with spaces in them?==
i.e. //sc_nt\CATALOG PAGES\Wiring Diagrams\xyz\NBCK.pdf
  see ((Formatting formatting manual)) link section

====How do I force wiki page creation for things the parser doesn't recognize as words?==
i.e., ANSI837 refuses to make a wiki page
  write ##~((ANSI837))## , for more see ((Formatting formatting manual)) link section

====Is there a list of colors that are support by !!(color)Text!! Green, red and blue are the only ones that appear to work.==
How can I get more colors in here?
  see ((/Doc/English/Formatting/X11ColorNames))


====What's the best way to delete a user?==
AFAIK, delete the record for this user in wacko_users table -- but I don't know about the sides effects ; e.g., who becomes the user of a page owned by this user ? ((user:DidierSpaier DidierSpaier)) /29.09.2004 01:20/

Since R5 you can use the user management section in the ((AdminPanel Admin panel)) to disable or delete users.

====What's the best way to rename pages?======
i.e., a user defined several wiki pages with XYZ leading and makes it show up wrong in the page index, can it and all related links just be updated somehow?
  see bottom of page, depends on theme if icon is available, if not it is commented out, or see page setting -> rename , consider the redirect option - may be ugly if used excessive

on the other hand see config options, admin can enabled to move / rename all pages

====How do I create a new page?====
Still can't figure out how to easily create a new page
  The easiest way to create a new page is to first insert a link to that new page on an existing page, then click the link and you will get a list of templates for new pages.
  see ((AddNewPage))


====Where can I get WackoWiki Themes?==

-> ((Themes Wacko Themes))

===Development and Support===

====Which support levels are provided?====
((/Org/Support Best effort and commercial support are available)) from the developers.

====How is the software licensed?====
WackoWiki is distributed and licensed for use under the terms of the ((/About/License BSD License)).

====Can I help develop WackoWiki?====
Yes, we look forward to your contributions. There are many different ways to ((/Org/GetInvolved contribute to WackoWiki development)).

====What's the best way to submit a new Formatter, action, theme or modification to Wacko?======