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If you don't see your question below or in our **((/Forum forum))**, add it and we'll try to answer it asap.  Questions here tell us that the documentation pages are not as clear as they should be.

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===Setup and Install==

====How can I use multiple Wackos with table prefixes (wacko1_, wacko2_)?==
Install twice WackoWiki, e.g. in wacko1 and wacko2 directories, then during setups indicate table prefixes wacko1_ for http://yoursite/wacko1 and wacko2_ for http://yoursite/wacko2 -- ((user:DidierSpaier DidierSpaier)) /09.10.2004 01:38/


====How do I link to files on my network with spaces in them?==
ie. C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\My Documents\spider.sav
   see ((Formatting formatting manual)) link section

====Also want to know how to link to files on my network with spaces in them?==
i.e. //sc_nt\CATALOG PAGES\Wiring Diagrams\xyz\NBCK.pdf
  see ((Formatting formatting manual)) link section

====How do I force wiki page creation for things the parser doesn't recognize as words?==
i.e., ANSI837 refuses to make a wiki page
  write ##~((ANSI837))## , for more see ((Formatting formatting manual)) link section

====Is there a list of colors that are support by !!(color)Text!! Green, red and blue are the only ones that appear to work.==
How can I get more colors in here?
  see ((/Doc/English/Formatting/X11ColorNames))


====What's the best way to delete a user?==
AFAIK, delete the record for this user in wacko_users table -- but I don't know about the sides effects ; e.g., who becomes the user of a page owned by this user ? ((user:DidierSpaier DidierSpaier)) /29.09.2004 01:20/

Since R5 you can use the user management section in the ((AdminPanel Admin panel)) to disable or delete users.

====How do I create a new page?====
Still can't figure out how to easily create a new page
  The easiest way to create a new page is to first insert a link to that new page on an existing page, then click the link and you will get a list of templates for new pages.
  see ((AddNewPage))


====Where can I get WackoWiki Themes?==

-> ((Themes Wacko Themes))

===Development and Support===

====Which support levels are provided?====
((/Org/Support Best effort and commercial support are available)) from the developers.

====How is the software licensed?====
WackoWiki is distributed and licensed for use under the terms of the ((/About/License BSD License)).

====Can I help develop WackoWiki?====
Yes, we look forward to your contributions. There are many different ways to ((/Org/GetInvolved contribute to WackoWiki development)).

====What's the best way to submit a new Formatter, action, theme or modification to Wacko?======