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<[“... Much of the true value of the Web comes from targeted, specialized sites. Small sites can't afford monster CMS products, so a good low-end system is highly welcome.” — //Jakob Nielsen//]>

WackoWiki is a lightweight and easy to install multilingual Wiki engine. It supports WYTIWYG editing, page rights (ACL), design themes (skins), file uploads, email notification and much more. Compatible with PHP 7.3 - 8.1 and MariaDB / MySQL.

**Key Features**

  1. light-weight
  1. designed for speed and extensibility
  1. easily customizable
    1.  ((/Dev/Projects/Templatest template engine))
    1. ((/Dev/Projects/UriRouter URI router))
    2. ((Actions actions)) and page handlers
    3. ((Themes design themes)) (skins) support
  1. ((/Doc/English/Installation quick and easy installation))
  1. ((/About/Screenshots clean user interface))
  1. integrated user management
  1. access control through per-page ((AccessControl access control lists))
  1. integrated page commenting functionality
  1. ((WhatYouThinkIsWhatYouGet)) editing
  1. full revision control
  1. powerful diff between revisions
  1. ((Cluster clusters & relative addressing))
  1. page watching & email notification on changes/comments (simple diff included in email), RSS
  1. ((Localizations completely multilingual)) ([[/Dev/Translations supported languages]]) 
  1. links can be CamelCase or FreeLinks
  1. several levels of caching (backlinks, pages, queries, templates)
  1. ((Actions/TableOfContents automatic table of contents generation))
  2. section editing
  1. on-the-fly correction of punctual typos & spec. characters
  1. uploads per page or global.

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