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This is WackoWiki, and there are some good news for you:
  1. WackoWiki supports as many ((/Dev/Translations language schemes)) as you dare to write to.

===Create your own language scheme===

WackoWiki language files are separated from code and stored in the  **lang/** sub-folder. If you untar/unzip ((/Download installation pack)), you will surely find one. There, in that very folder, you`ll find **wacko.en.php**, **** & some more files for other languages (one at the writing time). 

  * ##lang/lang.en.php## 
  * ##lang/wacko.en.php## 

If you want to create your own language scheme, perhaps for Finnish or Urdu, you need to do the next three simple actions:
  1. Copy one of the existing schemes (that one you most familiar with) to a new file (**** for Finnish, for example)
  2. Open your newly created file and edit it, changing values after "##=>##" into something meaningful in target languages. (oh, it would be a time sink)
  3. Adapt the lang.xy.php (**** for Finnish, for example) for you language scheme
$wacko_language = [
	'name'		=> 'Finnish',
	'code'		=> 'fi',
	'dir'		=> 'ltr',
	'charset'	=> 'utf-8',
	'locale'	=> 'fi_FI.UTF-8',
When finished point 3, your language scheme is complete & it will automatically appear in your user settings as a choice for !!language!!.

If you want to use your language scheme as default in your Wacko installation, simply change the ##language## parameter in your ((Configuration configuration)) via the ((AdminPanel Admin panel)).

Note that if you want to have installer of WackoWiki works with your language, you also need to translate:
  * ##setup/lang/inserts.en.php## 
  * ##setup/lang/installer.en.php##

Admin panel
  * ##admin/ap.en.php##

  * ##js/lang/wikiedit.en.js##

If you are done creating scheme for language not yet listed on this page, it would be great & honorous to (( send us)) your language file (**** according to the example above) -- so we could add one more language into ((/Download installation pack)) and make WackoWiki one step more international.

The easiest way to create a new language scheme is to copy an existing (see [[/Org/Tools/Repository Repository]]) one and edit it.

===Contribute to WackoWiki translation at Crowdin.===

Help to translate WackoWiki for other community members. We need your help to translate WackoWiki into different languages. We have set up a repository at ((, where users can contribute translations.