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Installing is very straightforward overall, however there are two things to look out for:
  1. general: the unzipped directory and all contained files and subdirectories have (secure but not web-readable) permissions set so that the web-based installer is not found. The fastest way to get things running, but which also makes the install less secure is to go into the folder that contains the 'wacko' directory and run ##chmod -R 755 wacko##. Alternatively, go through all the directories and adjust permissions as necessary.
  2. perhaps a problem on some webhosts: the .htaccess file gave my web host's configuration trouble, i.e. it couldn't find anything within the wacko folders. deleting .htaccess solved the problem.

You’ll need an empty database. If you’re not sure how to create a new database or find this information, ask your web host.

====SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp"====
Usually caused by a missing ##/tmp## folder on Windows. Try to create the ##/tmp## folder in root of disk or choose ((/Dev/Components/SessionHandling another option)).

====Install under subdirectory and ((/Doc/English/ModRewrite mode_rewrite))==
Went to install R5.0 on my cloud server under the subdirectory /wiki/ and was given a 404 when accessing the /devwiki/ directory. Furthermore, accessing the index.php directly was loading but not loading any CSS/JS files for the installation.

The fix for this was to add the following line to the root directory's .htaccess, right after the line that reads ##""RewriteEngine on""##:
RewriteBase /wiki/

see also

====NGINX Rewrite Rules====
WackoWiki is ((/Dev/Projects/UriRouter server-agnostic)), but if you turn rewrite_mode on, your wiki may become inaccessible.
Please turn ##rewrite_mode## in the installer or the ((/Dev/Components/Configuration secondary config)) **off**, if you haven't configure the NGINX rewrite rules yet.

*| off | on |*
|| rewrite_mode ||
|| ##wiki/?page=HomePage## | ##wiki/HomePage## ||

  1. (( Converting Apache Rewrite Rules to NGINX Rewrite Rules))
  2. (( Pitfalls and Common Mistakes))
  3. (( Creating NGINX Rewrite Rules))

====I have No WikiEdit toolbar====
  * check if your client/browser settings accepts JS (e.g. white list your wiki in NoScript / uMatrix)