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Hint: R4.3.x still uses wakka.config.php and not config.php as config file.

Any problems with the install, paste below or in comments to this page or the discussion section in the forum.
-> see also FAQ

Installing is very straightforward overall, however there are two things to look out for:

  1. general: the unzipped directory and all contained files and subdirectories have (secure but not web-readable) permissions set so that the web-based installer is not found. The fastest way to get things running, but which also makes the install less secure is to go into the folder that contains the 'wacko' directory and run chmod -R 755 wacko. Alternatively, go through all the directories and adjust permissions as necessary.
  2. perhaps a problem on some webhosts: the .htaccess file gave my web host's configuration trouble, i.e. it couldn't find anything within the wacko folders. deleting .htaccess solved the problem.

You’ll need an empty database. If you’re not sure how to create a new database or find this information, ask your web host.

1. Setup

1.1. SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp"

Usually caused by a missing /tmp folder on Windows. Try to create the /tmp folder in root of disk or choose another option.

1.2. This file, config.php, needs to be created!

  • This file, config.php, needs to be created!, and placed in the root of your wiki install. It took me some time to realise that it's not part of the tarball – you have to create it yourself! Wacko Guys – update your documentation to reflect this, as you've forgotten to tell users they need to make this file. I hate to think how many people have given up their Wacko installation because this bit didn't make sense!
    • What's wrong? WackoWiki creates this file during the installation process. You don't need to create it yourself, except there is something wrong with your server permissions. Pls. give us more details to figure out what's wrong
  • I too had to create an empty text file called wakka.config.php. very surprising, I searched the install directory and couldn't find the file, had to read the documentation. good apps shouldn't need documentation for something as simple as a setup :) no, this is a very nice app, i just think the programmer should create one blank text file instead of asking many users to create their own blank text files hundreds of times all over the world...
    • Could you describe your problem in more details, environment, rights on server, php-info etc. ...
  • I disagree with the above. I presume the logic is to avoid an update mistakenly overwriting the original wakka.config.php settings file?

  • WackoWiki can't create the file if you install it in the root directory of a server where you can't change the file permissions and scripts are not allowed to create files. If this is the case creating an empty file yourself and setting permissions to 755 during installation is the only way to go.
  • Regarding xml: I didn't find a path-setting in the config-file. Is it somehow possible to set another directory for creating the RSS-Feeds?

1.3. 404 Not Found – Wiki cannot be found

after installation without errors -> wrong settings for rewrite_mode

I've tried an install on localhost — no problem — then tried two on an ISP (Win) and have no success; after installation which says all was OK; when I click on the homepage — I get an error page — The page cannot be found — and .net/wacko/index.phpHomePage...??? Thanks for your help.

Not Found

The requested URL /wacko/StartSeite was not found on this server.

you set your Base URL without /index.php?page=

go in your config.php and add /?page= to your Base URL

'rewrite_mode' => 0
'base_url' => ''

now it should work (?)

Yes — that fixed it. Thanks.

I was having the same problem and changed my Apache configuration so the directory declaration looks like this:

  Options FollowSymLinks
  AllowOverride all
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

Rewrite seems to work fine now.

1.4. Install under subdirectory and mode_rewrite

Went to install R5.0 on my cloud server under the subdirectory /wiki/ and was given a 404 when accessing the /devwiki/ directory. Furthermore, accessing the index.php directly was loading but not loading any CSS/JS files for the installation.

The fix for this was to add the following line to the root directory's .htaccess, right after the line that reads RewriteEngine on:

RewriteBase /wiki/

see also

1.5. Configuration challenges resolved

I had a few problems. Here's what I found for my installation to work (Ubuntu 9.04, Apache2, PHP5, webERP):

I followed the instructions to create a MySQL database & user, but after unzipping WackoWiki and pointing a browser to that directory to install it, I did not get a proper "1st page" presentation upon completion of the installation and database population.

  • A conversion "bug" with WackoWiki to work with the current PHP5. As of PHP 5.2 (I believe), a class is no longer able to automatically render itself as a string, so I got a PHP error at wakka.php, line 254 (a logging function call). Not sure what that log entry is for, but I inserted:
  __toString() { return "Wacko (ver ".$this->WVERSION . "/". $this->VERSION . ") Timestamp: ". $this->timer; }

at line 59 of classes/wacko.php (not the same file as where the error occurred!) to allow the object to represent itself as a string (and a little useful info within that representation). Others have simply removed the ".$wacko" from the $cache->Log() parameter on line 254 of wakka.php — that works too...

  • My Apache2 installation did not have mod_rewrite installed, so I had to enable it: sudo a2enmod rewrite

  • My default "site" installation does not allow mod_rewrite functions within WackoWiki's .htaccess (missing the AllowOverride FileInfo for that virtual host config: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/*your_site_config_file*). I reworked the WackoWiki config a little, since the entire Apache2 install is under my control. I added:
  <Directory /srv/www/webERP/wiki>
    Order deny,allow
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
      RewriteEngine on
      RewriteCond    %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d
      RewriteRule ^(.*/[^\./]*[^/])$ $1/
      RewriteRule ^(robots\.txt)$ robots.txt [L]
      RewriteRule ^(favicon\.ico)$ favicon.ico [L]
      RewriteRule ^(.*)$ wakka.php?wakka=$1 [QSA,L]

inside my <VirtualHost> entry. With this, I can delete the .htaccess that came with the WackoWiki installation. Note that the <Directory> entry should be changed to point to where you installed WackoWiki. Also note that this directory is open to anyone, so if you want more security, see the "Order" and "Allow" options. If you don't have control of your vhost definition, then you'll probably find that WackoWiki works as expected (since the service provider probably has "Options FollowSymLinks" and "AllowOverride FileInfo" enabled for your top level directory, which will allow the original .htaccess to work correctly.

I hope that helps! --Doug – 2 Oct 2009

1.6. Strange Add Page Behaviour

On one of my sites, the Wiki can't seem to stop adding pages — after you click Maybe you want to create it? , and add text — then SAVE, it adds another page — with... Racing/Argentina/editadd1?v=1ekf after the entry — it also forgets the entries it has already made. I'm confused because my other sites work very well. Also, it wont allow you to logout....or register?

Solution: in config file do: 'rewrite_mode' => 0

1.7. I have No WikiEdit toolbar

  • check if your client/browser settings accepts JS (e.g. white list your wiki in NoScript)
  • check your mode_rewrite settings (e.g. remove the .htaccess file from the /js folder)

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