Tutorial - A quick start guide for users new to WackoWiki

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A wiki is a website that can be built quickly. Anyone can edit new and existing pages. The database contains information about all changes made to pages by all wiki users. Earlier versions of a page can be restored if necessary.


===Registration and Log in===
//If registration is allowed (default)://
1. At the top of a page click "Registration"

| %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_registration_1.png %% ||
|| 2. choose your user name
 3. choose a secure password and type in your password twice
 4. enter a valid e-mail address (e.g. to get updates on watched pages)
 5. type in word you see above
 6. click "Register me"

Done. You have registered as a new user.

| %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_registration_2.png %%
1. At the top right corner click "Login".

| %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_login_1.png %% ||
|| 2. type in your UserName
 3. type in your password
 4. click "Login"

Done. You have logged in to your wiki.

| %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_login_2.png %%

===Add page===

Before adding a page you might have to log in to your wackowiki website.

|| 1. Click "Create" under submenu "more" | %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_create_new_page_1.png%% ||
|| 2. Choose name of your page
 3. Click "Create" | %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)

|| 4. start writing content into your page
 5. choose title
 6. save, that's it. | %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_create_new_page_3.png %%
You have created your new page.

===Edit page===
|| 1. Click on pencil in top menu (page handler) | %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_edit_page.png%% ||
If java script is enabled you just doubleclick on any page to edit it.

===Add comment===
//If commenting a page is allowed://
1. At the bottom of a page click "Add your comment" or "Read Comments" if this page has allready been commented

| %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_comment_page_1.png %% ||
|| 2. add your comment
 3. choose a title for your comment
 4. click preview or save.

Done. You have commented a page. Also look at ((/RecentlyCommented)) Wiki Page.

| %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_comment_page_2.png %%

===Attach files===
//If attaching a file is allowed//
1. At the bottom of a page click "Attach Files" or "Files" (if there are already uploaded files to this page)
 | %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_attach_file_1.png %% ||
|| 2. browse your file directory and choose file for __global__ upload or upload to page
 3. choose a description for your file
 4. click "Proceed".

Done. You have uploaded a file! See also /WackoPages to see what to do with WikiPages and your files. | %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_width=px)file:tutorial_attach_file_2.png %%

===Formatting ===



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