Can there be several forums?

Hi there, is it possible to use forums on several pages of the same Wackoi? I yes, what is the syntax in the amin panel to do so? My default setting in the admin window to define the forum cluster is just Forum.



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  1. Multiple forums

    First the forum feature is still in its beta stage and therfore not documented.

    The config value forum_cluster defines where the forum is located. This is necessary to provide a unique path.
    So the actions forums and topics work only inside the forum cluster.

    To have multiple forums you can create subforums within the forum cluster


    forum [ {{forums pages="Forum/Discussions,Forum/Bugs,Forum/National"}} ]
    |_sub forums: National [ {{forums pages="Forum/National/Deutsch,Forum/National/Russian"}} ]
    | |
    | |_sub forum: Deutsch [ {{topics}} ]
    | | |_topic1
    | | |_topic2
    | |
    | |_sub forum: Russian [ {{topics}} ]
    | |_topic1
    | |_topic2
    |_forum: Bugs [ {{topics}} ]
    | |_topic1
    | |_topic2
    |_forum: Discussions [ {{topics}} ]
    | |_topic1
    | |_topic2

    Meta pages

    Important: The permissions for comments on all forum meta pages (those having the action forums or topics ) must be empty (access via pagename/permissions)


    Topic pages

    The engine sets special permissions for topic pages you usually create with the topic action, it recognises them over the name space.
    $write_acl	= '';
    $write_acl	= $user_name;
    $comment_acl	= '*';
    $create_acl	= '';
    $upload_acl	= '';

    Notice the empty 'create_acl'. The topic action shows only pages as topics with empty create_acl.

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