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Rating & Antispam system   MrBell  
  25.10.2011 22:01  
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01.05.2015 13:27
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Can there be several forums?   Swissmorgy  
  08.11.2012 16:32  
1 1.206 WikiAdmin
25.11.2012 15:39
Hi there, is it possible to use forums on several pages of the same Wackoi? I yes, what is the syntax in the amin panel to do so? My default setting in the admin window to define the forum cluster is just Forum. Thanx, Swissmorgy [..]
Syntax of tree Cluster in Wacko 5?   Swissmorgy  
  01.11.2012 16:26  
3 970 WikiAdmin
04.11.2012 18:38
Hello everyone, I upgraded from R4.3 to 5.1.0. In both Wackos I can use to display a tree cluster from a page I am on. However, in 4.3 I could use even when being, let's say, on /page/subpage1/subsubpage1 or on /page/subpage2. I haven'[..]
Simple Quotes   MrBell  
  24.10.2011 23:25  
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19.11.2011 09:42
Simple Quotes Hello, I made a simple quote script, that helps to quote text parts of pages and comments by selecting this text and pressing Ctrl+Q. Here you can see the video demonstration ( of th[..]
Tables   Guest  
  03.09.2011 09:21  
1 806 WikiAdmin
03.09.2011 09:26
Hi, working with fixed width tables isn't quite a joy, and joining cells only works for last right cells, alas. Maybe formatting tables could be a little optimised? 1) This... cell11|cell12|cell13 cell21|cell22 ...spans cell22 unde[..]
Unicode   WikiAdmin  
  31.10.2011 09:31  
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Page tag: 10571080108910901077108410721088107710811090108010851075108610741080107210851090108010891087107210841072. The page language was set to 'en' and Wacko took the &#1057&#1080&#1089&#1090&#1077... htmlspecialchars was used after do_[...]