Need help about files action parameters


I'm new to WackoWiki and I a have a question about the {{files}} command.

I'm trying to make a page to see all the uploaded files but I can't manage to do it.

I'm calling the files command like that: {{files [global=1]}} but it only shows the files of the page, not all the pages available. Same result if I use {{files [all=1]}}.

When I change the value of the variables ($global or $all) directly in the files.php, it shows me the right files.

Am I doing something wrong?

Tanks for the help.


  1. Re: Need help about files command

    Just remove the square brackets, as mentioned in the box. I did the same mistake back in 2003.

    Non-mandatory options and parameters are enclosed in [square brackets].
    When using the actions please remove the square [ ] brackets from the parameters to make it work.
    Numerical values are given without and strings with quotation marks, max=10 and page="PageName".
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