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redirect to another page WikiAdmin
19.02.2022 16:00
1 75 WikiAdmin
19.02.2022 16:01
I would like to have more options for redirect. For example
Action Embed align ascrsoft
31.12.2021 18:48
2 439 ascrsoft
01.01.2021 12:42
It would be good if this action allowed you to align to not use this option%(wacko wrapper=text wrapper_align=center)% What does the team say, good idea or bad?
new action for a playlist ascrsoft
30.12.2021 01:13
2 437 ascrsoft
31.12.2021 01:19
I share what I am doing as a proof of concept to make an action that can play music my idea that you can put a list with the url of the mp3 and the name in text from the content. I know that what I did is not the best way but I want you to [...]
Can there be several forums? Swissmorgy
08.11.2012 16:32
1 1.818 WikiAdmin
25.11.2012 15:39
Hi there, is it possible to use forums on several pages of the same Wackoi? I yes, what is the syntax in the amin panel to do so? My default setting in the admin window to define the forum cluster is just Forum. Thanx, Swissmorgy [..]