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I want to help with the translation from English to Spanish in the administration menu so I sent some changes yesterday of some words in the menu.[...]owiki/pull-requests/

I sent it to the master branch, since I didn't find developer branch. I hope they approve it to continue with some things that are missing to translate.



  1. Re: Submit changes to the repository

    Can you create a separate PR for the language file, I can't split the commits in the pull request, or I haven't figured out how.

    So I can pull only the language file and we can work on the other.
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    • 19.12.2020 20:38 edited
  2. Re: Submit changes to the repository

    Thanks, I messed up, chose the wrong default merge, did a git push --force, merged the exported patch locally and pushed it back, all true ;)
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    • 19.12.2020 22:33 edited
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