Cannot switch theme

Switch theme from AdminPanel does not effect, active theme still is "default".
Checked on clean install R 5.5.9, XAMPP, PHP 7.2.12
Any idea ?


  1. Re: Cannot switch theme

    This is probably because there is currently only one theme available, what does your theme/ folder tells you?

    All other themes must be migrated with or without using the new template engine. I'm willing to provide help and support, but I won't do the work myself.

  2. Comment 630

    I copy default theme to the same folder and rename it. Then I trying to switch them no success.

  3. Please try to start a new session

    Do you mean that the guest still gets the default theme? Delete the old page cache and restart the browser to get a new session.

    Did you can login and change the theme for the user?

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  4. Can't reproduce the issue

    I tested on Linux and Windows with XAMPP. Hard to say what the error source is, a config option hickup or maybe a folder rights or path issue?
    Could you solve the issue?