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Help with comments   ascrsoft  
  24.04.2021 16:35  
3 436 WikiAdmin
28.04.2021 05:17
I have not been able to make this combination. I would like to know how to make the comments of the articles public to everyone, but only registered users can comment. :(
The site is temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance.   Wizball  
  18.01.2021 15:24  
1 499 WikiAdmin
18.01.2021 15:54
When I go to the admin page after following the instructions I get The site is temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance. Please try again later. Any ideas? Many thanks
Only seeing index page 404 on other pages   Wizball  
  17.01.2021 16:42  
2 156 Wizball
18.01.2021 06:46
Just done an install, there where no errors during he install and the index page page shows fine. If I click on login link I get a 404 not found error. I have installed it on my ubuntu box running php 7.4, mysql and apache2. Any ideas? m[...]
Suddenly A New Problem   Breantique  
  08.01.2021 23:53  
6 736 WikiAdmin
09.01.2021 15:02
I forgot to copy what I had typed before I pressed save. /)_- Reader's Digest version: I stepped away to have a nap shortly after I got Wacko installed. Now I can't log in. I get a "The connection has timed out" message. I've been trying [...]
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Fresh install produces a blank page   Breantique  
  08.01.2021 13:45  
8 294 Breantique
09.01.2021 13:38
Greetings Wackos I have just finished installing/setting up Wacko 6.0.15 on a XAMPP x64 7.4.13-0-VC15 (XAMPP 8.0.0-2-VS16 does not support IPS I did have to change the "const CACHE_SESSION_DIR" setting in config/constants.php. A[...]
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Curious What Happened To This Domain?   ascrsoft  
  27.12.2020 01:17  
2 257 ascrsoft
27.12.2020 18:03
Is it a test domain or the old one? https://wackowiki.com
Administration question about revisions   ascrsoft  
  11.12.2020 22:33  
8 451 ascrsoft
20.12.2020 00:51
is there any way to easily know the number of revisions of each article published in the wiki? this would make it easier for the administration to locate and purge very old revisions of each article. Greetings
Getting Ready To Start Over   enrollado  
  26.09.2020 02:45  
1 438 WikiAdmin
26.09.2020 07:54
I'm just before giving up and starting over, so I thought I would give this a try. I had lots of problems installing the wiki. I have it up and running now, but several things aren't working. The recovery password. I followed the instruct[...]
Customizing page addresses   megaego  
  12.08.2020 07:15  
5 628 WikiAdmin
16.08.2020 06:44
Ask more experienced users if it is possible to use transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin in the address of the wackowiki page. Or the ability to set the address of a page with a different name than the page name? Version 6.0.10 Unicode. T[...]
Upgrade 6.0.7 to 6.0.9   bear  
  11.07.2020 18:10  
2 377 bear
12.07.2020 22:45
I look around for upgrade notes and found going from 5 to 6 but not any notes on doing a same version upgrade. SO I am I just overthinking this?