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Here's a rough break down of what I'm thinking:
  * Landing Page aka ((/News News)) aka Developer Blog - Blog page that we use to release project news. Users can register and post comments to which we can reply.
  * ((//HomePage Documentation)) - Uses the wiki system and gives user/developer documentation as we currently do.
  * ((/Download Downloads - Official Releases)) - Link to the SF download page.
  * ((/Org/Tools/Repository Downloads - Git)) - a wiki page describing how to access the git repository. Can briefly cover how to do that on different systems i.e. TortoiseGit on Windows.
  * Support - Overview. Use wiki for this, describe the different support options (the ones listed after this one)
  * ((/Forum Support - Forum)), broken into sub categories.
  * Support - Mailing List, the SF one we are using now.
  * (( Support - Bug Tracker)) - Mantis as we use now (I really like that and the time line thing it has).

Thoughts? Ideas? Quibbles?