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I have not been able to make this combination. I would like to know how to make the comments of the articles public to everyone, but only registered users can comment. :(


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    1. Write permissions

    You can set the ACLs for comments. The Read-ACLs are also applied to comments.

    Default behavior:
    Read: * Who can read (including comments)
    Comments: $ Who can write comments

    WackoWiki Permissions [access control lists]

    2. Display comments

    There is also a visual setting per page to show the comments to everybody or only to registered users. This enables you to allow or disallow comments on particular pages. If no value has been set for a particular page yet, the global default value is taken.


    NULL takes global default
    0 off
    1 on
    2 registered

    WackoWiki Extended Page Settings

    If you already have lots of pages with footer_comments set to 2 and you want change them to 1, you can run an SQL query to change them all at once.

        footer_comments = 1
        footer_comments = 2;

    3. Global default values

    1. Comments must first be activated.
    2. The default value for the comments panel must be set. This affects new pages as well as pages with unset footer_comments value.
    3. Set the default comment permission. This will affect only new pages.

    Admin Panel -> Preferences -> Basic
    Admin panel comments settings

    Admin Panel -> Preferences -> Permissions
    set default comment permission
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