How many sites are using WackoWiki?

we can collect the url.


  1. Re: How many sites are using wackowiki?

    There was once a page for this, the issue with the list was to keep the list up to date and relevant.
    Most wikis are deployed in intranets, others are non or semi-public. Any user is allowed to leave a link to his wiki(s) on his profile page. Others may be don't want their wiki exposed as such.

    A good idea is to categorize such a list by language and application area, preferably with a few selected websites which can serve as good examples.

    some use cases
    • documentation
    • community web site
    • life role playing
    • course ware
    • web site
    • CRM

    It's quite a challenge to categorize them all. So yes such a list is on the wish-list, you can start one if you like.
    Regarding the mere quantity of deployments or daily users it is hard to judge.
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