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Most websites have links such as About, Privacy, Terms, Contact, etc... in a menu located in the footer. Is there an easy way to accomplish this in WackoWiki?  I did see the following code in the default footer.php file but I have no idea what it means.

// comment this out for not showing website tos link at the bottom of your pages
if ($this->db->terms_page)
	$tpl->terms_href = $this->href('', $this->db->terms_page);
[= terms =
	<li><a href="[ ' href ' ]">[ ' _t: TermsOfUse ' ]</a></li>

Does this mean if I set ##'terms_page' => '',## to ##1##, the link to ##TermsOfUse## page will be displayed?

If so, can I copy, modify, and include the above code I could add a contact page, about page, etc... the same way?