Mass email

Hi there.
When I send Mass email it received without message body, with subject and footer only. Why?
R5.5.4, RU cp-1251, php 7.1, function mail.


  1. $user['allow_massemail']

    In the foreach loop for sending the emails it checks against $user['allow_massemail'], but it list all active users in the form itself. This needs to be changed. FIXED revision:1fbfc53

    It is on the user to opt in, the question is if it needs an option to override this setting?

    The module needs additional work. Imagine a teacher who wants to send a mail to a certain class of his, e.g. for home work or excursion info.
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  2. Message set

     It send only messages to those user who allowed Administrators to email them information. This option is available in their user settings under Notifications.	

    Google translate
     Он отправляет только сообщения тем пользователям, которые разрешили администраторам отправлять их по электронной почте. Этот параметр доступен в настройках пользователя в разделе «Уведомления».	

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  3. Комментарий 598

    After FIX revision:20e2596 mass email works good.
    I vote for the Admin's option to override user setting.
    Additionally I would like to set "Allow mass email" for all users to ON by default. How can I change this setting for all users now and future ?
  4. Change default settings for allow_intercom and allow_massemail

    You can set now at least the default settings for allow_intercom and allow_massemail via the AdminPanel in the Notifications section.

    FIXES: revision:6463209, revision:f083f6f

    existing settings can be reset via SQL query:
    UPDATE prefix_user_setting SET allow_intercom = 1;
    UPDATE prefix_user_setting SET allow_massemail = 1;	

    It still needs a solution to set a policy for the different use cases: Opt-In, Opt-Out, Override.

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