Search by keyword and page description

Prompt the parameters of the action search so that the search would work for the klyuev words and the description that are in the properties of the page.

 {{search [scope = one of ("all" "description" "keywords")]}}	


  1. Re: Search by keyword and page description

    The entire action needs refactoring. If you want to provide a patch for the current version which provides also support for keywords and description, you're welcome. Can't say when I will work on the issue again.

    $scope is intended for [page, comment, file]

    Keywords and description should of course be included in the search:

    In the page table we have
    description DONE
    keywords DONE

    How we indicate in the result that the match was in the description or keywords field?

    in the category_assignment table we have
    object_type_id -> OBJECT_PAGE / OBJECT_FILE
    object_id -> ['page_id'] / ['file_id']

    and in category table

    Furthermore the file search is completely missing at the moment.

    file table

    see also Extended Search
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  2. Added patch

    Added a simple patch to search at least against the 'description' and 'keywords' field in the page table.

    PATCH: revision:3241447
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    Yes, the pack is simple, but you need to know how to create it.
    Thank you very much for adding functionality! You have the best product.
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