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config and chmod   TheArioch  
  12.04.2013 11:14  
1 697 WikiAdmin
12.04.2013 20:52
Installation manual claims i have to chmod 444 config.php but config folder gas 2 .conf files and 4 .php files shouldn't i chmod 444 all of them ? [..]
file access rights inside distro zips ?   TheArioch  
  12.04.2013 11:17  
1 653 WikiAdmin
12.04.2013 20:43
i' trying to install Wacko on free hosting. Distros come like d:\tmp\wacko.r5.1.0.zip\wacko.r5.1.0\wacko\*.* But i need nothing but Wacko in public_html, thus i re-zip the distro on Windows box so that all iles would be in zip root. Then i[..]