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New installation, /Login results in 404 not found acoder2020
28.03.2024 17:55
8 62 WikiAdmin
15.04.2024 20:28
I have my installation here https://example.com/wiki/Login Going to this URL results in 404 Not Found. I'm using Apache httpd under RHEL 8.
Trouble setting up Admin password hash acoder2020
10.04.2024 19:33
3 85 WikiAdmin
12.04.2024 07:10
Could someone help translate this documentation? I'm unsure what means as an end user. The docs don't really explain this at least not here. to login define the recovery_password in the config/config.php file first Call the actio[...]
Unable to logout or go to account settings bttr
05.04.2024 17:35
2 149 WikiAdmin
09.04.2024 11:27
As you can see from the screenshot, I'm logged in, but when I click on "Account" (upper right corner), I'm redirected to this page. Please, also notice that strange https://upload.adminforge.de/r/D2E2nmnwWH#t0n773L2CJLJAHf4CHDrK2TqjCyHYUk[...]
WackoWiki example sites? bttr
05.04.2024 05:38
2 38 bttr
05.04.2024 13:59
Hi all! Could you please provide a list of web sites running WackoWiki? I didn't any so far. How large is the user base for WackoWiki?
Stopping without error while testing database DenisDev
17.03.2023 06:26
3 400 WikiAdmin
11.11.2023 20:22
Hello everybody, Tried to install WackoWiki. Get 500 Server Error with no description while trying to create tables by setup script. Got success on Testing DB conntection and then nothing. I have founded that problem was in file install[...]
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How to set wiki to private? tuitruth
27.10.2023 10:33
1 191 WikiAdmin
27.10.2023 11:57
How to set wiki to private?
How to find WikiAdmin password? tuitruth
27.10.2023 07:24
1 198 WikiAdmin
27.10.2023 08:12
How to find lost Admin password? I don't have the email service setup yet and email set for the admin is not active yet..
Unable To Format Windows Bat Script Contain %% coffe1nk
19.08.2023 14:22
3 394 WikiAdmin
21.08.2023 11:47
Hi Admin, I am trying to format windows bat script that containt double percent in the script. How to fix bat script format?
Only seeing index page 404 on other pages Wizball
17.01.2021 16:42
3 889 EoNy
10.05.2023 12:47
Just done an install, there where no errors during he install and the index page page shows fine. If I click on login link I get a 404 not found error. I have installed it on my ubuntu box running php 7.4, mysql and apache2. Any ideas? m[...]
Backup & restore snots
07.03.2023 13:20
3 386 WikiAdmin
08.03.2023 12:35
Hi, I'm trying to backup and restore my site via the admin panel. The backup seems to be working fine but when I click on Restore, I didn't see any backup and I have the following message: You can restore any of the backup packages found o[...]