Make Wacko use the user database from another system

Hello again!

I'm not entirely sure where I should post this question. Since it is a question about integrating WackoWiki with something else I figured this was a good place.

I was curious if there is a way I can make WackoWiki authentication use the credentials from a system like IPS/IPB.
If this is possible my users would not have to worry about making a separate account for the wiki, since they already created one for the forum would be enough.

Basically using the same login table for two or more services (in this case Wackowiki and an IPS forum) both on the same host.
I imagine it could be as simple as changing the target database tables in the php code, but like I mentioned before my php is quite rusty

IPB uses OAuth and REST


  1. Re: Make Wacko use the user database from another system

    I also found this information
    Within IPS 4 you can use an external database as a login handler. You would do this from the following location in your admin CP

    System>Settings>Login Handlers

    From here you can then set up the relevant details needed for connection

    Database connection Details

    In the first section you will need to enter all the details to connect to your mysql data. Ensure these details are 100% connect and can be connected to from the server where your IPS installation is located.

    Database Schema Details

    This is where you will set up the information related to where your users are located. You will need to provide the Table and at minimum either an email address or username column. You can of course use both if you are using both methods of login.

    You will need to add in the password column and tell the system how this password is stored. If this is encrypted you will need to ensure you provide the correct Encryption type.

    There is also an additional clause which will allow you to add to the end of the query which returns users. So for example, you may have users who you do not want to have access and have a column named 'active'. This will allow you to add active=1 and it will add to the end of the sql statement 'WHERE active=1"

    Login Settings

    Finally you will need to set up which authentication type is being used, and whether or not to allow Admin CP login with this method.

    Maybe I can set IPS to use Wacko authentication?
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