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Migrating WackoWiki to another webserver bear
29.01.2021 04:37
8 1,409 WikiAdmin
30.01.2021 19:16
Hello fellow Wackos LOL. I am running into a issue migrating my wiki from my home server to youracmemagick,com. Both servers will be running the newest version of wackowiki R6.0.16. I installed .16 on youracmemagick[...]
Make Wacko use the user database from another system Breantique
08.01.2021 19:04
3 819 Breantique
08.01.2021 22:20
Hello again! I'm not entirely sure where I should post this question. Since it is a question about integrating WackoWiki with something else I figured this was a good place. I was curious if there is a way I can make WackoWiki authentica[...]
Open Graph protocol integration ascrsoft
10.12.2020 15:41
5 940 ascrsoft
11.12.2020 14:58
I want to do the integration, is there an easy way to get the first photo of a page from the template? the idea is to be able to easily add these META: * og:title * og:type * og:image * og:url Cheers
How to Add Matamo/Piwiki Tracking Code? mying
27.01.2019 06:30
2 3,772 WikiAdmin
30.01.2019 07:35
Hi, I wanted to add some tracking code to my WackoWiki instance. I successfully did this in the 5.4 version in the common _header.php. I just upgraded to the latest, 5.5.7 and it's changed to _header.tpl. I'm not familiar enough with the[..]
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Bad Behavior WikiAdmin
05.05.2015 19:22
0 1,404 (05.05.2015 19:22)
/Dev/PatchesHacks/BadBehavior - still uses the settings.ini - copy badbehavior.php to admin/modules/ to see logs You'll see there are open issues like filtering, how the log data gets stored and missing features in Bad Behavior like a bla[..]
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VanillaForums MrBell
22.11.2011 09:30
1 1,905 WikiAdmin
26.11.2011 06:16
What about integration forum-engine such as Vanilla ( And use it for discussions about some pages instead of comments. For ex., with creating a new page, we create a topic on this forum. [..]