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Hello fellow Wackos LOL.
I am running into a issue migrating my wiki from my home server to youracmemagick,com.
Both servers will be running the newest version of wackowiki R6.0.16.

I installed .16 on server and tried to import a backup from my old server and did a database sync /repair and was not successful in migrating the data over. 

Then I tried a sql export from old wiki to the new wiki with the same results.

Tried several methods from several different forums and still no joy. 

Hopefully I am just to close to the problem and just missing something simple.


So with my old wiki running a upgrade to .16 and my new wiki with a fresh install of .16 what would be a successful method to get the data/pages over from the old wiki to the new one. 

Please assume I am a total idiot if you have a method to accomplish this. So that way I will not miss an obvious step. And we end up with a good method to leave posted for the next lucky person to have to go though this fun. 

TY TY TY for any and all help. It is greatly appreciated !!!