Some basic questions

Before investing time in creating a theme, I have the following doubts:

1. does the wackowiki engine support Bootstrap 5?
2. is it necessary to define all the languages ?
3. can I create my own configuration file for the theme?



  1. Re: some basic questions

    1. Does the wackowiki engine support Bootstrap 5?

    Templatest does not give you any restrictions on what you can or cannot do.
    Remapping all engine and WackoFormatter related CSS classes might be some challenge.

    2. Is it necessary to define all the languages ?

    Not really, we have implemented a fall-through to the default language, English. In the worst case the message set $this->_t('OnlyInThisTheme') or [ ' _t: OnlyInThisTheme ' ] returns null for lets say Finnish.

    3. Can I create my own configuration file for the theme?

    Yes, this is possible. The theme config file overrides the default values. You should be able to set your own config-options as well as overwriting existing ones.

    // bootstrap theme options =========
    $this->db->revisions_hide_cancel 1;
    $this->db->site_desc  'Bootstrap Theme for WackoWiki';
    $this->db->footer_inside 0;

    // ============================
    $theme_translation = [
    'EditIcon' => '...',
    '' => '',
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  2. Re: some basic questions

    thank you for answering my questions.

    That's exactly why I didn't take the WackoFormatter, I think I could do the general structure in Bootstrap and leave the css the same as WackoFormatter to see if it works as a proof of concept.
    And then see how to make WackoFormatter dynamic if the template requires it, that occurs to me.
  3. Re: some basic questions

    The WackoFormatter is just for the page content (wacko.css), with some exceptions. If necessary we can do changes in the core.
    Will be interesting to see what doesn't fit in.
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