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%%(wacko wrapper="box")Well, one of the -- my favorite theories that the whole organization doesn't really exist and that it's largely self-organizing. And what that means is we do not have any strict -- when there is no rules about who is really a maintainer and even when we have a maintainer's file that says, "This person is in charge of that sub-project," that's really more of a hint than anything else. It means that, okay, if you have problems in this area or if you have a patch in this area that you want to push, that person is probably the right person to approach. ---"" "" -- Linus Torvalds

===Core Team==
  * ((user:RideSnowNow RideSnowNow)) -- developer
  * ((user:Elar9000 Elar9000)) -- developer, support
  * ((user:WikiAdmin SkipPer)) -- current maintainer
  * ((user:EoNy EoNy)) -- documentation

  *  ((user:Abram4 Abram4)) -- testing, translation, documentation
  * ((user:Raysir Raysir)) -- testing, translation, patches
  * ((user:TannSan TannSan)) --  developer
  * ((user:DidierSpaier DidierSpaier)) -- translator (French), documentation
  * ((user:EvaggelosBalaskas EvaggelosBalaskas)) --   translator (Greek), developer
  * ((user:DaCon DaCon)) -- support, testing, documentation
  * ((user:RobertVaeth RobertVaeth)) -- SQL, Theme
  * ((user:KusoMendokusee KusoMendokusee)) -- developer 
  * ((user:AdrianWalmsley AdrianWalmsley)) -- patches
  * ((user:TomSpilman TomSpilman)) -- patches
  * ((user:TheBone TheBone)) -- developer, designer
  * ((user:PascalFrance PascalFrance)) -- debugging
  * ((user:SebastianDietzold SebastianDietzold)) -- patches 
  * ((user:SergeyMartynoff Sergey Martynoff)) -- plugin
  * ((user:Eye48 haschek)) -- Theme, CSS
  * ((user:SatTva SATtva)) -- (( openSpace)) port of the original ((/WackoWiki WackoWiki)) engine
  * ((user:DrFreeman DrFreeman)) --   translator (Russian), developer

and others.

====((/Dev/Translations Localizations))====
  * ((user:JohnGotze JohnGotze)) -- translator ((/Dev/Translations/da Danish))
  * ((user:KlePy KlePy)) -- translator (Spanish)
  * ((user:ascrsoft ascrsoft)) -- Spanish translation
  * ((user:qianmengnet qianmengnet)) - Chinese Simplified translation

If we have missed someone`s contribution -- we are very sorry for that. Please fill this page with actual information.

-> ((!/Inactive former crew))