Elar 9000

Developer, support, application patterns coordinator.

Contributuing to WackoWiki since R4.2.

  • Core
  • Formatters
    • Jabber client Psi — both chat and history
    • ICQ client QIP (QIP Infium universal IM-client) both extremely popular in Russia — again for chat and history
    • Skype — worldwide talk service
  • Actions
    • Calendar and Planner actions
    • Google-Sitemap Generator action with automatic page priority estimation and manual sitemap editing option
    • Anti-Spam system with moderator toolset
    • Search Results modifiers
    • File Uploads
    • Galleries
    • etc.
  • Compatabilty fixes
  • Support for WackoWiki users
  • Application patterns

If you got a modified WackoWiki R4.2 or a big website on it you can't just update to a new version of WackoWiki, see some of my ideas how to run WackoWiki with PHP 5.6.37.