Mark Hissink Muller

This is the WackoPage of Mark Hissink Muller.
Reach me at (remove the NOS_PAM-decoy).

Excellent work guys, I really like what you are doing with your Wiki.
Too bad I don't understand any Russian.

Here's a shortlist what I see as desired new functionality, or open work on the Wakka / Wacko?-engine.
If you're preparing any of this; please let me know so I know where (not) to focus my attention.


  • Export the latest version of all the pages to zip-archive, X-HTML
  • Import zip-archive into the database; replacing current pages with newer version
  • Kuso Mendokusee: suppose this kind of things could (and should, by Okkam rule) be done using any DB manager, such as PhpMyAdmin. On another hand, there is need to export/import cluster of pages — this thing cannot be done using PMA easily. We suppose to provide this kind of feature (looks very similar, yet more powerful than one you requested), but we don`t think it would be done in R4. Can't we just use the Tree action to spider all pages, and then dump them by title? :a
  • Mark Hissink Muller: Thanks for your prompt response Kuso Mendokusee. The background of my request is that I would like to import all pages from another Wiki (Php Wiki) which I used before I learned of Wakka / Wacko?. My colleagues and I have built quite some pages in a Php Wiki and it would be nice to seamlessly “import” the pages and upgrade to Wacko. Thanks for your time...
  • Kuso Mendokusee: Aha, I see now. Could you provide format of your Php Wiki`s export — then we would try to build up our format at least compatible with Php Wiki`s.
  • Mark Hissink Muller: Kuso; checkout PhpWiki here and read about Php Wiki File Format. Personally, the DesignDecision to put all versions of a page in the same file doesn't really appeal to me. As Php Wiki is Abandon Ware, only import of these kind of pages would be desired functionality, as I see it. I'm happy to send you a set of files I exported from Php Wiki for testing. Let me know.

– Regarding FileUpload, check MatthiasAppel's plugin at:; maybe nice to include in wacko?

– Refactoring functionality for a PageName

  • If a PageName is changed to NewPageName optionally links to PageName on all pages in the Wiki are updated to NewPageName
  • Kuso Mendokusee: I ll slip this question to Roman Ivanov. Lets see.
  • Roman Ivanov: there's three reasons not to do so:
    1. changing BLOBs takes much time, and php may reach its timeout (30s by default).
    2. changing your text by script is dangerous. Scripts are dumb and may damage your pages.
    3. there's many not-so-clear situations. Let's imagine that we refer to MarkHissinkMuller/OldPageName in such manner: !/OldPageName. Then we rename MarkHissinkMuller/OldPageName to RomanIvanov/NewPageName. To what form we must replace our link? Absolute? Ok, but if we rename it to MarkHissinkMuller/NewPageName?
  • Mark Hissink Muller: Thanks for your remarks; my PHP-knowledge is (still) limited. The clusters pose a challenge, yes. I didn't know of the shortcut-link (/OldPageName) yet, but the obvious answer to me would be to always update the full absolute link.
  • Mark Hissink Muller has a sub-tag, Mark Hissink Muller / Sub Tag?

– See what I'm starting at Wacko Documentation

Wacko 4 Beta-status ?
I see a lot of content in Russian being created, which unfortunately, I still do not understand.
Would it be possible to make the following information available in English?
– Wacko 4 new features
– any changes in DB-schema (incompatibility with v3.5)
– Wacko 4 release planning
RomanIvanov: Yes, this information will be provided along with R4 beta2 release, April 3–7.

Bugs in Wacko 4 beta1 ?
Submitting the page which writes the wakka.config.php for Wacko 4 beta 1, I found the following issues:

  • Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING' in /home/mark/www/wacko4.beta1/setup/install.php on line 146

Any idea what this might mean?
RomanIvanov: I'll try to reproduce, thank you!

MHM: I mainly run wiki's for Closed User Groups?; I have an open wiki for my former classmates from university, but I have difficulty to get them enthusiastic. :-S Alas, not all of them are coders.

Mark Hissink Muller: I'm integrating the WakkaCalendar (by LaiHoKwan) in Wacko 3.5

* I've put the files from the WakkaCalendar-page in place and modified the css

  • I've changed the Wakka-style separation (" : ") to Wacko-style (" | ")
  • It looks very nice

Open issues:

  • Issue with editing/saving pages
  • Links are formatted as external links (with icon), which is ugly and unnecessary

Let me know if you're interested to take a look at it or include it in your codebase.