Released 2017-12-22
Maintenance release, PHP 7.1 compatibility
0000487: [performance] add functions to preload asociated datasets in obj-cache (administrator)
0000490: [performance] add field 'files' and 'revisions' to page table (administrator)
0000479: [code cleanup] remove 'meta_description' and 'meta_keywords' from config (administrator)
0000488: [handler] add paging to revisions handler (administrator)
0000480: [code cleanup] removed "/" character from HTML5 void elements (administrator)
0000478: [action] wrong counting for changed pages (administrator)
0000463: [installer] installer writes falsely hash of system_seed in config file (administrator)
0000459: [core] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings (administrator)
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