Released 2019-12-15
WackoWiki 6.0 brings Unicode support and PHP 7.4 compatibility.

All installations that are currently running any 5.x version are strongly advised to upgrade to this release.
0000010: [appearance] language-independent interface (administrator)
0000267: [formatter] add right-to-left support (administrator)
0000284: [wikiedit] WikiEdit does not show buttons bar when charset /language is Estonian/Polish (administrator)
0000339: [email] Bad (ampersand-encoded) e-mail subject (administrator)
0000130: [localization] Always return iso-8859-1 (administrator)
0000208: [localization] JavaScript alert is unreadable (administrator)
0000238: [regular expressions] or> "Invalid Range in character class". -> JavaScript. (administrator)
0000216: [unicode] UTF8 support (administrator)
0000551: [core] redirect with tag having Unicode fails (administrator)
0000537: [seo] add link rel="canonical" (administrator)
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