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0000019WackoWikiappearancepublic2009-08-19 09:39
ReporterEoNy Assigned Toadministrator  
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Product Version4.2 
Target Version4.3.rcFixed in Version4.3.rc 
Summary0000019: hard-coded condition for "tabs" theme in handlers
DescriptionIn "edit.php" handler there's a hardcoded condition to return a different code for textarea for the "tabs" theme.
Additional InformationCode in question
handlers/page/edit.php Line 132:

if ($this->GetConfigValue("theme")=="tabs")
$output .= "<textarea id=\"postText\" name=\"body\" rows=\"40\" cols=\"60\" class=\"TextArea\">";
$output .= "<textarea id=\"postText\" name=\"body\" rows=\"40\" cols=\"60\" style=\"width: 100%; height: 400px\" class=\"TextArea\">";

Why it's a nuisance:
1) making theme-dependent code seems to be incorrect, especially when it resolves the problem that can be resolved in the stylesheet.
2) second version (which is used for all the other themes but "tabs") is much worse as it returns a code with the fixed size of textarea, and that overrides stylesheet and causes problems when the pages are rendered.

To fix it a person has to modify the handler, and then remember to modify it again after the update.
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2007-12-02 17:48

administrator   ~0000230

Last edited: 2007-12-04 14:25

done, add

.pageedit form textarea {width: 100%;height: 400px; }

class in both css files

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