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0000256WackoWikipage rightspublic2012-02-22 18:23
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Summary0000256: Comments inherit their ACL settings on subpages like a new page from the level above
DescriptionThis means if a page inside a cluster one level above is accessible with "*" but the comment is made on the page on the next level with "$" the comment inherits the "*" from the level above, this is desirable for new pages but not for comments!

* / $
Comment on LevelTwo

This can expose accidentally the comment and the existence of a hidden cluster to the public via Last Comments and the RSS feed for Last Comments.
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related to 0000412 resolvedadministrator set correct permissions for comments 
child of 0000160 resolvedTann San comments won't take the ACL settings of the page 


Tann San

2009-04-09 19:55

manager   ~0000631

Comments inheritted the read ACL from their associated pages parent, not the actual associated page. This has been changed so that comments receive the full set of ACLs that their parent page has. They are also updated when performing a cluster ACL change. Comments get their ACL updated whenever their parent pages ACL gets changed.

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