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Summary0000293: Form Builder Action
DescriptionI've been using "CMS Made Simple" alot lately. They abstracted their contact form out of the main system and instead rely on this well cool module called "FormBuilder". It basically lets you create forms via a simple looking table where you can pick a form object from a drop down (such as a checkbox or a radio list) and it gets added to the table. You then click on it and edit it's properties, so for a radio list you would specify the options to display.

We could have something similar in conjunction with the new admin interface. In there they would have a "Forms" page. They could create a set of default forms. Then the Action would have a "template" property that they set to the form name i.e.

{{FormBuilder template="ContactPage"}}

Voila, they now have a contact form on the contacts page. This one Action would mean Wacko had alot more power than it does at the moment.
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