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0000082WackoWikiactionpublic2019-02-14 12:04
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Product Version4.2 
Target Version6.1.x 
Summary0000082: Contact Form Action
DescriptionI'm thinking of an action that takes one or more usernames as arguments. If there is more than one username then they are displayed with a drop down box on the form so the user can pick one. Otherwise just display the one on there as plain text. Underneath is a subject line and a textarea to allow the user to type a message. This would be handy for a companies contacts page or just as something you can put on your own username page i.e. the page you view when going to TannSan in the wiki. I'm not decided on whether it should email the message to the user or store it on a private page for them i.e. they have a page that lists each message top to bottom allowing them to delete them when they so wish. It's easier if it just emails them but its more contained to give them a private page to view them on.
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related to 0000293 new Form Builder Action 



2009-11-30 21:02

administrator   ~0000730

will be part of the new user page

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