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0000295WackoWikihandlerpublic2009-10-13 16:03
Reporteradministrator Assigned Toadministrator  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.2 
Target Version5.0.betaFixed in Version5.0.beta 
Summary0000295: add new page handler
backported new page handler from openspace fork - all the credit goes to SATtva :)

add new add.gif icon (modified del.gif)
add new message sets to all language files

  "CreateNewPage" => "Create a new page",
  "PageAlreadyExists" => "According to the address provided the page already exists.",
  "PageAlreadyExistsEdit" => "Do you want ",
  "PageAlreadyExistsEdit2" => "edit it",
  "PageAlreadyExistsNoWriteAccess" => "You can't edit it.",

  "CreatePageDeniedAddress" => "You do not have the right to create the page at this address.",
  "CreateSubPage" => "Create a sub page in the cluster",
  "CreatePageParentCluster" => "Create a page in the parent cluster":
  "CreateRandomPage" => "Create a random page",
  "CreatePageDenied" => "You do not have the necessary access rights.",
Steps To Reproduceyou can invoke the new page handler with

Additional Informationany ideas for improvements?

better namining (add, create, ?),
action to invoke it,
theme intrgration,
add link for the new handler also to page settings
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2009-04-18 10:12

administrator   ~0000645

updated at svn r365 - added new handler
updated at svn r381 - added language string sets
updated at svn r395 - added add.gif

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