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0000336WackoWikilocalizationpublic2016-07-03 12:46
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Summary0000336: Have a base language file that the localisation ones can overwrite
DescriptionAt the moment to add a new string for a single button means having to add the line to every language file, 14 at the moment. This is time consuming and a bit pointless since it's the same line without translations. An example is these two lines:

"LogPageEdited" => "Edited page [[/%1]]",
"LogCommentEdited" => "Edited comment [[/%1]]",

They appear in all the /lang/wacko.[lang].php files in English. The only one they don't is the ru language which has already been fully translated.

Instead of that big copy and paste job we can have a base language file. I propose English as the base. We first load that in and then we look at the user selected lang for the site and array_merge that with the base language array.

This would require a very small change to implement within the init.php file. We would then have to sort out the language files i.e. remove all the English lines from the non english files.


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2009-12-11 19:55

administrator   ~0000732

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Good idea but didn't we run again in the charset trap until we finally have Wacko UTF-8 compatible?


2016-07-03 12:22

administrator   ~0000963

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from Serge:

"it is almost a miracle - add/delete to english, run
# relang wacko.en.php wacko.??.php
and all set & done


relang.php is complete language & charset agnostic,
requiring that translation array keys be alphanumeric,
but this is easily fixable

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