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0000353WackoWikipage rightspublic2010-03-09 21:49
ReporterElar9000 Assigned ToElar9000  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.beta 
Summary0000353: When using usernames with trailing "n" letter can't assign user to group permissions
DescriptionWhen using usernames with trailing "n" letter you can't assign user with usermane like TestMan to group permissions.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create user TestMan
2. Add user TestMan to group Admins
3. See that nothing happened, call {{usergroups}} to find out why
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2010-03-09 21:49

manager   ~0000748

ln. 404 init.php -- trim($users,'\n');

changed to:

// Made so to prevent system from trimming 'n\n' (like TestMan\n -> TestMa)
   $trimone = rtrim($users,'n');
   $this->config["aliases"][$group] = trim($trimone,'\\');

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