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0000447WackoWikiadministrationpublic2018-01-09 15:40
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Platformx86OSOpenBSDOS Version9.2-RELEASE-p4
Product Version5.4.0 
Target Version5.5.0Fixed in Version5.5.0 
Summary0000447: Admin Panel sets mode_rewrite always on

My version 5.4.3 site no longer can find any pages other than the home page. In fact when I try to log in or look at any page, I get a was not found on this server message.

This problem occurred immediately after I logged in with admin.php and attempted to change the Timezone which is found under Preferences | System. Unfortunately I had not backed the system up prior to making this change AND I had not taken the system offline prior to making the change. Does anyone have suggestions how I can make the site operational again? I have examined the config file and noted that it had not changed (date didn't change) as a result of making this change. Is there something I can change in the MySQL database to make this work again?

My server does not support mod-rewrite even though there still is a check in the last entry on the System page (Use mod_rewrite).

The only thing that I can do is add ?page=HomePage/edit to the url and get the edit side of the page. I did that when I was logged in as administrator but now that I have closed my browser, I cannot get to the Login page or any page.
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related to 0000443 resolveduser64 Rewriting causes Admin Panel to be non accessible 



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Thanks Ray.

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