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0000462WackoWikiadministrationpublic2018-01-08 19:16
ReporterRaysir Assigned Toadministrator  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.5.0 
Target Version5.5.1Fixed in Version5.5.2 
Summary0000462: AP with mode_rewrite OFF broken
DescriptionYesterday I downloaded wackowiki-wackowiki-dev-9fd46fa5f009 and attempted a clean fresh install of both the code and the database but ended up at the same place - the admin panel would not come up when I hit http://localhost/user/Wiki5.5.1Released/admin.php after I had placed the recovery_password in the config/config.php file.
Additional InformationDid your server has mode_rewrite on?
With mode_rewrite OFF you must call


-> ?page=

add this snippet and it should work with mode_rewrite OFF
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