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0000080WackoWikiinstallerpublic2009-08-19 09:38
ReporterTann San Assigned ToTann San  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.2 
Target Version4.3.rcFixed in Version4.3.rc 
Summary0000080: Installation only works with MySQL driver installed
DescriptionI wrote a MySQLi file for day to day database use but today I noticed that the actual installation script uses hundreds of lines of hard-coded MySQL code. Instead of re-writing this for use with MySQLi I'm instead going all-out and implementing PDO support ( The idea is that I will re-write the installation script so it supports both MySQL and MySQLi drivers and then on top of that all the PDO databases. The PDO side of things should be pretty straight forward hopefully. My goal is to get the entire database rewrite finished off tomorrow including the setup script. I've done most of the graphical side of things today and I think I'm done with it for tonight. Tomorrow will just be writing the PDO database file and then re-writing the current MySQL code for MySQLi and PDO.
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Tann San

2007-09-19 22:10

manager   ~0000089

Added PDO database driver file
Removed the broken MS SQL one
Re-wrote install system to detech which DB drivers are installed and show radio list of available options
Installs and is 100% usuable with PDO, tested on MySQL5 and PHP5

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