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0000085WackoWikihandlerpublic2009-08-19 09:39
Reporteradministrator Assigned ToTann San  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.2 
Target Version4.3.rcFixed in Version4.3.rc 
Summary0000085: Renaming of pages should also affect /files/perpage
Descriptionfiles uploaded to an certain page (/files/perpage, not global uploaded files) should also be renamed, yet only references in upload table where updated

result: inaccessible files
(e.g. @oldname@picture.png should become @newname@piture.png in /files/perpage).
Additional Information/files/perpage
    * @wikiadmin@picture.png
    * @tasks@project@desciption.pdf
    * @checklists@house@energy@heating.xls
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Tann San

2007-09-20 12:10

manager   ~0000092

Added RenameFiles function to classes/wacko.php and called it from /handlers/pages/rename.php and /handlers/pages/massrename.php.

Tann San

2007-09-25 09:25

manager   ~0000106

I goofed up. Received this bug report:

try to rename a page with local attachment to


my result


expected result



2007-09-25 11:49

administrator   ~0000107

if you rename the page one by one
first /test/yourpage
second /test/test/yourpage
third /test/test/test/yourpage
and so on then the error seems not to appear

Tann San

2007-09-25 11:51

manager   ~0000108

I wouldn't worry about it for now. I have to (read as MUST) fix this before my current project goes out of the door so it is the top item on my todo list for Wacko right now :¬)

I think I know exactly where the problem is. It's probably going to come down to a one liner that needs a bit of refactoring.

Tann San

2007-10-20 21:41

manager   ~0000169

phew! I totaly forgot about this bug and I'm due to hand over the project I implemented it in this week as well. Better get fixing it soon I guess :¬)

Tann San

2007-11-28 21:29

manager   ~0000203

I don't seem able to recreate this bug. I've created a new install on my local server using the latest SVN source. I created a page called FileRenameTest and then uploaded a file for just that page called screenshot.jpg. Then I renamed the page to /test/test/test/test/test/FileRenameTest and it renamed the file to @test@test@test@test@test@filerenametest@screenshot.jpg which is the expected result. I've played around with renaming the page in different ways and it always works for me. Can you detail a more specific way of reproducing the bug so I can narrow it down.


2007-11-29 14:59

administrator   ~0000213

will test it again, will post result here later

Tann San

2008-01-02 12:49

manager   ~0000277

1) if a child page has the same name as the page that is being renamed then it will also be renamed. files get renamed correctly.

2) renaming a single page will recursively rename all assocatied files for that cluster instead of just the files attached to that page. that behaviour should only happen for massrename handler.

Tann San

2008-06-09 09:55

manager   ~0000356

Seems to work for me, think my last note was not a bug but just a logic check. Tested out 3 levels of sub pages with file uploads. Some pages had same name as their parent. All seemed ok to me. Re-open this bug if it breaks for someone although I'll need very specific instructions on how to re-create the problem.

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