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0000098WackoWikiinstallerpublic2009-08-19 09:39
ReporterTann San Assigned ToTann San  
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Product Version4.2 
Target Version4.3.rcFixed in Version4.3.rc 
Summary0000098: Updates needed with installer
DescriptionIf the database details do not match up then they should be given a "back" option instead of just having the "There were problems" message displayed.

If the files cannot be written during the writeconfig stage then we need a continue button to move past this stage in case the user makes the recommended changes manually. In that case we should do an additional check to make sure everything has been set correctly. (should probably do this anyway even with a normal auto install)

Look into why the sourceforge test install doesn't acknowledge the correct file permissions for directories and files. It looks like a chmod problem.
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related to 0000127 resolvedTann San change wakka.php?wakka= to index.php?page= 
related to 0000132 resolvedTann San Installer should check if base pages have appropriate ACL's else update values 
child of 0000084 resolvedTann San Need new theme for installer 



2007-10-05 03:23

administrator   ~0000128

Last edited: 2008-04-10 18:39

if the user selects to not use rewrite mode on the install options page then the base url should be checked after submission. if it's like then warn them and say that without url rewriting it might be better to use http://www.somesitecom/wiki/index.php?page= instead. probably with "change url" and "keep url" buttons following a brief explanation.


2007-10-15 23:29

administrator   ~0000156

see the new phpBB3 installer approach


2007-10-15 23:49

administrator   ~0000157

wakka.php?wakka= - exposes wakka forks

perhaps we should change this to something like


(?) for those without mode_rewrite


2007-10-19 23:50

administrator   ~0000165


"db_collation" => "0",

should(n't) we offer this option in the installer too (?)


Tann San

2007-10-20 10:33

manager   ~0000166

Last edited: 2007-11-02 12:16

I only had a quick look at the phpBB3 approach from the screenshot you sent, I think I get what you mean, I'll have a closer look later in the week.

I get the db collation option now. I'll definately add it to the installer as well as a description of what it does.

I did think about changing the page thing as well a while ago i.e. index.php?page=lalala I also had a look at how to implement it. It requires ALOT of changes across the source but it isn't difficult to do. Just requires alot of time since each bit that is affected by it need to be looked at in it's own context to make sure the changes are done properly i.e. can't just global search n replace. If you think it's a good thing to do then add it to the roadmap.

-> 0000127

So far I think everything in this bug report including the comments should be implemented. None of it is too hard and will make the first introduction for new users to wacko easier.


2008-03-22 13:48

administrator   ~0000288

The installer of the new Drupal version is nice too.


2008-03-27 16:00

developer   ~0000292

at the back button issue i simply suggestion :


line 16-17 : before

if ($stopOnError) exit;

line 16-17-18 : after :

print ("<INPUT type=\"button\" value=\"Return\" onclick=\"history.back()\">");
if ($stopOnError) exit;

worked for me

Tann San

2008-06-04 21:35

manager   ~0000351

Added back option in new installer.

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