Version History

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  • complete PHP 5.0 compatibility
  • MySQL 4.1 compatibility (DB locale Latin-1 only)
  • Dozen of XSS vulnerabilities fixed
  • Import (accessible thru {{import}} action) & export (accessible from page`s properties)
  • Lots of bugfixes & enhancements, including:
    • fixed bug on duplicated event email notification
    • fixed anchor issue in InterWiki syntax
    • HTML- & CSS-formatters now take care about Cyrillic characters
    • more pages become XHTML valid.
  • SafeHTML updated to version 1.3.1
  • Source code comments are completely in English from now
  • RSS autodiscovery feature added
  • Actions:
    • pageindex — Index action with paging support
    • backlinks fixed — empty links removed
    • usergroups lists contents of access groups
  • Translations (language packs)
    • Estonian
    • Portuguese
    • Български
  • Formatters
    • icq formatter: added History++ Miranda plug-in support
    • WackoFormatter: added up-to-3-digit ordered lists & coloring syntax highlight
    • WackoFormatter: correct workaround of missed <table> closing tags
    • introduced wrappers (try %%(wacko wrapper=box))
    • introduced alignment in wrappers (like %%(wacko wrapper=box wrapper_align=right))
  • And stuff.



  • Fixed XSS in textsearch
  • SafeHTML integrated – now you can enable <# #> syntax safely. No XSS =)
  • Text Formatting changes:
    1. Closing delimiter of header formatting (==header==) could contain any number of = (more than 2) — there is no more need to enter exact amount of them as in opening delimiter. Fuf.
    2. Email-like quotation formatting added (per-line > prefix)
    3. Double quotes, {{ and %% now could be escaped with tilda (~)
    4. URLs are displayed as links in ICQ- and Email-highlighted text.
  • Moldavian and Polish translation updated.
  • New action {{admincache}} for cache cleaning.
  • When debug=1 Wacko reports, how much memory used for creating page.
  • Now administrator can change ACL of any page.
  • %%(box align=... width=...) text %%
  • More XHTML compatibility
  • Bugfixes

rc1 (14.07.2004)

  • Automagical smooth scrolling between the anchors in a page.
  • We're close to be fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
  • Brand new static content cache for unregistered users. Can be turned on by cache=1 config option.
  • Now you can turn off comments for any particular page: {{nocomment}}
  • Now you can change ACLs for whole cluster in two clicks (massacls handler).
  • Option for disabling registration: allow_registration
  • Hurrah! Preview is back.
  • New config option owners_can_remove_comments – allow page's owner to delete comments
  • Watches was broken for “locked” pages.
  • New skin coffee by Konstantin Kolomeetz.
  • New highlighter for css, diff, dtd, php, javascript, mysql, sql, python, xml.
  • New highlighters: ini, html and css.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, including bug in ACLs.
  • Fixed problem with Apache1 and lowercasing of page names
  • Now we uses WikiEdit 2.0, with that cool toolbar

beta2 (15.04.2004)

  • “Small” text syntax: ++small++
  • “Definition” syntax: (?RTFM Read The Fucking Manual?)
  • “Footnotes” syntax: text[[*]] more text[[*1]]
    [[#*]] Footnote star
    [[#1]] Footnote digit
  • More usable upload
  • Global acl for rename: rename_globalacl
  • New config parameters outlook_workaround, disable_autosubscribe
  • Bugs fixed

beta1 (27.02.2004)

  • Flexible Upload feature
  • Four new language packs (it, fr, pl, nl).
  • Javascript-editor WikiEdit, that allows using shortcuts for quick insertion of wiki-formatting
  • Multilingual support in single installation (pages can be written in different languages and thereby using different encodings — within single installation)
  • Formatting enhancements:
    • Wiki-formatter has now two passes. This feature keeps it from making mistakes.
    • Paragrafica formatter – now HTML contains <p> in addition to <br> (e.g., it allows paragraphs auto-numbering)
    • Formatters (highlighters) for SQL and Pascal or Delphi source code.
    • Formatter for emails
    • “Blockquote” syntax: <[ text ]>
    • New (additional) link syntax: Actions.NewManual
    • Support for \\LAN\Path and file:// protocol
  • Email validation & confirming
  • Password changing, “Forgot password?” function
  • Essential amount of refactoring “action” features (take a look on /Doc/English/Actions new syntax & capabilities). As a result, most of actions now works in a separate cluster of wikispace (for example, you could look on RecentChanges of a separate cluster)
  • Individual “settings” for every page, where you can change language, META keywords and description
  • New actions
    • flash, for inserting flash movies
    • hits, mostpopular – calculate and display the number of requests to pages
  • User settings enhanced, in particular user can choose “theme” (design of wacko pages) from the list of preinstalled themes.
  • IIS compatibility, preliminary.
  • Millions of bugs fixed



  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: some XSS-holes fixed, delete-by-GET-request fixed, Information Disclosure Vulnerability bug fixed.
  • Comment deletion implemented.
  • Page renaming implemented.
  • Comments are mailed to users “watching” the commented page now.
  • Simple diff supplied in email notifications on page changes (for users “watching” the page)
  • new formatters “icq”, “icq_m” & “icq_l” (ICQ, Miranda (nConvers plug-in) & ICQLite in that order) — to paste icq-logs.
    Should be used as: %%(icq_m) ... %% ( ... — paste your log here)
  • Users of “Admins” group (in wakka.config.php) can delete (but not view/edit) any page.
  • Usergroups & interwiki-links became case-insensitive.
  • New URL syntax — underscores & first letters capital. Comments on this are appreciated.
  • Various sort modes in mypages action
  • “Referrers” handler shows BackLinks also.
  • New macros to inlining your WackoName and/or current date (use 4 colons or 31.07.2004 14:50 and KusoMendokusee /31.07.2004 14:50/)
  • Diff enhanced one more time.
  • Significant speed-up due caching of wacko-formatted text wherever it is possible.
  • Tilded links gone deprecated & unsupported. Tilde (~) itself is used only to prevent linking to a WikiLink (like this) now.
  • In-page anchoring now supported due ((#Anchor_name)) syntax & {{anchor..}} action
  • New syntax for semantic markup ??some text?? : some text
  • Some actions look improved.
  • LinksTree action is back & enhanced.
  • meet new wakka.config.php options: url_underscrores, show_spaces and show_datetime.
  • Time of last revision of the page is inserted in HTTP-header (search engines will feel better from now)
  • Many-many errors fixed & unnecessary changes made. Backlinks which were broken in CVS for some time ago fixed too.



  • Multilingual installer
  • Case-insensitive and language-insensitive page names (e.g. /Логин = /Login = /LoGin = /ЛогИн).
  • Typografica — a tool to enhance text according some rules: “pretty quotes”, ©2003, ™, ® & soon.
  • Links are accompanied with icons: email, foreign site link, lock (forbidden page) & key (page with limited access).
  • Separate handler for MSWord export (separate CSS & <div> instead of <br> in line-breaks).
  • “Themes” support — different interface designs w/o changing php-code. There is already two themes included: “default” & “tabs”.
  • WackoClusters — now you can create sub-pages & group pages in so-called clusters (hierarchically classification & some adjacent features)
  • Numerous caching issues that lead to significant performance improvement
  • Some new actions, such as TableOfContents & unified Search
  • Severe XSS problem fixed (there was a possibility to insert any HTML into double-double-quotes. Now this possibility still exists in Raw HTML?, but it is limited and can be completely turned off)
  • Some extensions to formatter, such as %%(noautolinks)...%% & ability to create WikiLinks with spaces inside using ((Page name== Text to place on page)).
  • 100% correct work with mod_rewrite turned off.
  • Numerous small improvements & bug fixes.



  • image insertion by posting link into the page
  • enhanced “code” & “php” formatters
  • foreign links & links to forbidden pages have different CSS-styles
  • WakkaAliases – admin can arrange users in groups using wakka.config.php “Aliases” option
  • spaces in WikiNames
  • separate “print version” handler
  • UserBookmarks – personal menu that user can add page links to
  • page watching
  • i18n, English & Russian translations
  • complete support of Russian language (yes, that was a very urgent need for us)
  • forget about — all links are converted into [a-z] range
  • Wakka formatter greatly enhanced:
    • added table parsing
    • headers syntax now compatible with OpenWiki
    • bulleted/numbered list syntax now compatible with OpenWiki (old syntax still supported)
    • added strikeout & center
    • most of formatting features limited to one line
    • tons of slight enhancements
  • page deletion added
  • some actions added too:
    • Tree (LinksTree in R3 & greater)
    • Include
    • see Actions for details
  • Much more powerful diff added