4.3 Change Log


(20.03.2011) e192369 (Release Notes)


  • added MySQLi support
  • implementing PDO support
    • yet only MySQL works, most of the core classes and actions are not abstracted from MySQL specific code
      • requires vendor specific setup scripts for database
    • For now we only support PDO MySQL. Other PDO dsns will be added in the near future with SQL Lite and PG SQL at the top of the list.
  • ALTERed column
    • body to MEDIUMTEXT in table pages and revisions
    • body_r to MEDIUMTEXT in table pages and revisions


  • New installer has been implemented.


  • changed and new db settings
    • 'database_driver" => 'mysql_legacy',
    • 'database_host" => 'localhost',
    • 'database_port" => ' ',
    • 'database_database' => 'wacko',
    • 'database_user' => 'wacko',
    • 'database_password' => 'mypassword',
  • new available settings
    • 'session_prefix' => 'wacko43_',
    • 'xml_sitemap' => 0,
    • 'spam_filter' => 1,
    • added hide_files and hide_comments to config file
    • the hide_files and hide_comments config options now take 0 to not hide them, 1 to hide them from all users and 2 to hide them from non-registered users
  • added captacha settings
    • 'captcha_new_comment' => 1,
    • 'captcha_new_page' => 1,
    • 'captcha_edit_page' => 1,
    • 'captcha_registration' => 1,


  • RSS feed for "recentcomments"
  • added XML Sitemap Support
    • Ability to turn XML Sitemap on and off via the config file
  • AutoComplete feature — in place completion of wiki-links while pressing Ctrl+Space. MSIE users got pretty inplace menu, Mozilla users got toolbar indicator.
  • redirect non logged in users to the language that suits their system as default (not yet implemented for cache)
  • added optional spam bot protection: Captcha to new page, edit page, page comments and user registration.


  • Lots of bugfixes & enhancements, including:
    • new pdf and rdf link and icon
    • added support for bz2 and 7z to file links
    • implemented cache in NpjTranslit
    • set correct content type for graphics
    • set correct content type for languages
    • hide referrers page from non registered users
    • hide settings page from users that don't have write permission
    • now rename also associated files on filesystem when a page is renamed
    • now remove also associated files on filesystem when a page is removed
    • changed wakka.php?wakka= to index.php?page=
    • changed default ACL configuration values from * to $ for write and comments
    • Now we insert the logo image data into the uploads table during installation. The actual image file is stored in the /files directory. The homepage logo image link has been changed to point to it i.e. file:wacko_logo.png
    • Fixed: multiple installations on same domain sharing session data
    • Fixed: Wanted Pages list has wrong count for referrers
    • Fixed: WantedPages don't obey ACLs


  • add mygroups and updated usergroups
  • add nofiles and allowfiles
  • add edit and comments
  • add nomark attribute for backlinks
  • mostpopular now works also for clusters and on subpages, add <fieldset><legend> and [nomark="1"] option
  • added "bydate" option for mychanges
  • pageindex by letter including result limiting, added two arguments to the PageIndex action. The first is "limit" which sets the maximum number of pages to show at any one time on each index page. The second argument is "letter" which lets you pick which pages to display based on their name starting with a specific letter.
  • update flash action to use SWFObject 2
  • fixed include: Multiple insert of a page is now possible
  • added user level based outputting to the usergroups action i.e. see nothing if you're not logged in, see just the groups you belong to if you're a normal user and see all groups if you're an admin.


  • localized more remaining and new strings (Russian & English)
  • added Danish and Greek
  • updated German, French, Russian, Greek, Spanish, all other languages still have English placeholders


  • hide watch/unwatch icon and "powered by ..." from guests
  • @import "../../common/X11ColorNames.css";
  • localized search box in Tabs theme
  • hide referrer tab from guests in tabs theme
  • header.php
    • added JS include line for autocomplete.js
    • added JS include line for swfobject.js
    • added JS include line for captcha.js
    • include protoedit, wikiedit2, & autocomplete.js only on method==edit
  • ../css/wakka.css
    • added style for autocomplete button
  • added new classes
    • .debug
    • .pageedit form textarea {width: 100%;height: 400px; }
    • img {border:none;vertical-align: middle;}
  • added "new" default theme, the old default theme is now called "wakka"


Removed Features

  • delete outdated j.php action

Note that the changelog is usually incomplete, for a complete list of changes that went into R4.3, you can browse the Commit log and the Bug Tracker Log.