WackoWiki: Upgrade notices for 5.0.x

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Upgrade notices for 5.0.x

Upgrade your WackoWiki from 4.x to 5.0.x.

See also the migration guides for WackoWiki versions 5.1.x[link1], 5.4.x[link2], 5.5.x[link3], 6.0.x[link4] and 6.1.x[link5].

1. Preparations

  1. Check ReleaseNotes[link6] for requirements
    1. PHP is supported only up to PHP 5.3.x[link7]
      • you can use XAMPP 1.7.7[link8] (PHP: 5.3.8) to upgrade your legacy application
  2. Back up your files to save important data.
  3. Download[link9] the final version. wacko.r5.0.5.zip[link10]
  4. pull your site in a local htdocs/test folder
  5. get the database dump
  6. import the database dump (e.g. via phpMyAdmin)
  7. rename or remove changed default pages, the installer can only rely on the user 'WackoInstaller' in the pages table to identify and update those pages
  8. remove all files and folders under htdocs/test except wakka.config.php and files/
  9. modify the wakka.config.php so it will work with your local environment (database, path, theme, etc.)
  10. now pull / copy the repo head into the same folder (just the content of the wacko/ folder)
  11. check database tables for abandoned or inconsistent data

Call the URI in your browser -> the installer starts and tell you that you are upgrading from 4.2 / 4.3 to 5.0.x

2. Installer

Now you should have your upgraded Wiki. Login as Admin and create a page called UpgradeRoutine and add there the action {{adminupdate}} -> save (the installer will try to create this page e.g. /Users/WikiAdmin/MigrateDataToR50)

3. Migrate data from R4.x to R5.0

Action: {{adminupdate}}

The upgrade utilities are only in this release available.

  1. convert files per page
  2. move global files to new sub folder
  3. migrate user settings
  4. update user statistics
  5. move user pages into user name space
  6. set page title based on tag
  7. set page depth based on tag
  8. set version_id for revision
  9. set new ACL permissions 'create' and 'upload'

adminupdate action to migrate data from R4.x to R5.0

  1. check character_set_client and character_set_connection
  2. check for empty lines in the old bookmark field if conversion of user settings fails and remove them

Renamed Actions[link11]

Renamed Formatters[link12] %%([formatter]) content %%

You can use search to find the old strings and replace each with the new one.

change user links

Edit default menu items

4. Admin Panel

The new Admin panel[link13] is in Beta stage.

If your Admin panel[link13] gets locked, reset config/lock_ap from 1 to 0.

5. Captcha

To use Captcha, you must ensure that the session settings in freecap.php do not differ from the default values or your config settings,
else Captcha can't pass its values to the session. In the following link you find a workaround for this from our Development-Blog:

6. Notes

  1. Leave a comment here if something is not clear or you have further questions.
  2. Do not hesitate to improve this instructions and the wording.