5.1 Release Notes

1. R5.1

(17.06.2012) 686eb5b -> Final (Change Log)

This is a minor release.
The 5.1 release serves mainly one purposes. To remove the old legacy code.
For major changes please read the Release Notes of R5.0.

Notable in this release:

  • removed legacy code
  • Fixed a number of localization issues
  • minor fixes


  • final - 17.06.12

1.1. Download


  • SHA1: 9dfca4439d95e22dcc7d68537320b27315df6036

Repo files

Clone repo

git clone -b 5.1.0 https://bitbucket.org/wackowiki/wackowiki.git	

1.2. Translations

  • Call for Localization
    • If you can help with languages other than English and German, it would be appreciated.

1.3. Upgrade path

R4.x -> R5.0 (requires PHP >= 5.2)
R5.0 -> R5.1 (requires PHP >= 5.2)

Please read the upgrade notices carefully.

1.4. Installation

1.4.1. Requirements

requires now

  • PHP 5.2 - 5.3 (PHP 5.3 recommended)
  • Apache >= 2.0
  • MySQL >= 5.0.3

1.4.2. File Permissions

touch config/config.php
chmod 666 config/config.php

Example: chmod 0755 xml files/global files/perpage sitemap.xml _cache/config/ _cache/queries/ _cache/pages/ _cache/feeds/

chmod 644 config/config.php

1.5. Backwards Compatibility

We dropped compatibility code for older PHP and MySQL versions. R5.x and later requires at least PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5. To use with older PHP or MySQL versions, use the older (but still maintained) branch of 4.3.x releases, which you can find on the download page.

1.6. Known Issues

All known issues are tracked in our Bug Tracker.

  1. To use Captcha, you must ensure that the session settings in freecap.php do not differ from the default values or your config settings, else Captcha can't pass its values to the session. In the following link you find a workaround:
  2. toc action does not recognize include page structure
  3. broken POST & reset of Session in menu section via user settings which requires you to logout and login to refresh the changed bookmarks / menu
    • HOTFIX: add the {{menu}} action into a seperate page and edit the menu items / bookmarks there
  4. Not compatible with PHP 5.4! - see bugs:422

1.7. Documentation

1.8. Credits