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Upgrade your WackoWiki to from  **!!(green)5.0.x!!** to **!!(green)5.1.x!!**.

(If you upgrade from **!!(green)5.0.beta!!** or earlier, you have to upgrade to **!!(green)5.0.x!!** first! Find the instructions ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Upgrade here)).)

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See also the migration guide for WackoWiki version ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/Upgrade 5.0.x)), ((/Dev/Release/R5.4/Upgrade 5.4.x)), ((/Dev/Release/R5.5/Upgrade 5.5.x)), ((/Dev/Release/R6.0/Upgrade 6.0.x)) and ((/Dev/Release/R6.1/Upgrade 6.1.x)).

  1. Check ((/Dev/Release/R5.1/ReleaseNotes ReleaseNotes)) for requirements
  1. **Back up your files** to save important data. 
  1. ((/Download Download)) the final version. **((**
  1. backup your old wacko folder
  2. back your wiki database (e.g. via phpMyAdmin)
  3. extract the new
  4. overwrite the old (wacko.5.0.0) wacko folder, except **config/config.php**
  5. delete the cached config under **cache/config/config.php**
  6. check permissions

Call the URI in your browser -> the installer starts and tell you (very IMPORTANT) that you are upgrading from **!!(green)5.0.0!!** to **!!(green)5.1.0!!**
  * go through all steps

To use Captcha, you must ensure that the session settings in **freecap.php** do not differ from the default values or your config settings,
else Captcha can't pass its values to the session. In the following link you find a workaround for this from our Development-Blog:
  * ((/Dev/Release/R5.0/CaptchaAndSession Fixing Captcha And Session))

  1. {{comment text="Leave a comment here"}} if something is not clear or you have further questions.
  2. Do not hesitate to improve this instructions and the wording.
  3. It is intended to remove all upgrade and legacy code prior to 5.0 after the upcoming release.