5.4 Change Log


(12.07.2014) 3679c8e -> M3 (Release Notes)

1. Actions

  • use nested list for table of content
  • fixed broken menu session array after updating bookmarks via menu action bugs:367
  • fixed broken reset password link with mode rewrite off
  • exclude deleted pages from tree
  • exclude deleted pages and comments from search

2. Configuration

  • primary config
    1. 'database_charset' => '[latin1|cp1251|...]',
  • constants
    1. HTML_ENTITIES_CHARSET '[ISO-8859-1|cp1251]'

3. Core

  • removed depreciated MySQL API support
  • PHP Version >= 5.4 patch for htmlspecialchars(), htmlentities(), html_entity_decode()
    • Changed default value of default_charset php.ini option from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
  • replaced preg_replace() e modifier with preg_replace_callback
  • exclude pages from XML sitemap with noindex '1'
  • use field 'deleted ' to mark deleted pages, comments, files
  • renamed function cache_invalidate() to invalidate_page_cache()
  • purges SQL queries cache after adding, renaming or deleting a page / comment
  • show only the default language for selection in usersettings if multilanguage is set off
  • hash the lost password and email confirm code/token in the database
  • PHPMailer: added missing autoloader

4. Database

  • added field 'cache_id' to cache table
  • database: added missing default values

5. Installer

  • added option to chose charset in DB config section (cp1251 | latin1 | latin2 | greek)

6. Bugfixes

  • tree action: fixed broken nested list
  • fixed loading other language with theme if multilanguage is set off

7. Handlers

  • shows upload permissions only to user if uploads are allowed
  • disallow page names with 'Comment[0-9]' and all sub pages
  • added option to show referrers by time

8. Admin panel

  • fixed broken backup and restore for cluster and set correct charset
  • fixed deleted pages module
  • show success message after saving changed config settings
  • fixed broken groups management
  • fixed: Error loading admin module "configupload.php"

9. Themes

  • replaced GIF with PNG icons

10. Translations

  • added message sets for resend the email confirmation code
  • updated German, French

11. Packages



Note that the changelog is usually incomplete, for a complete list of changes that went into R5.4, you can browse the Commit log, the Bug Tracker Log.